Silver Spark Africa Safaris was founded in 2017 by Abongo Jeremiah and Brian Kepha. They are the pinnacle of this company because of a vision they had then and still do now. Our company was created on the very belief that we can do better and must indeed do better. We aim to ensure any visit to any of the destinations we offer within our packages remain as magical as it is supposed to be.

We hold the belief within the very DNA of this company that you get what you pay for and then, thousands more. What makes Silver Spark Africa Safaris different from all the other Travel Companies out here is our culture. We have cultivated a culture that does not use money as a metric of success. Of course, money is a necessity to keep the wheel spinning, we do however make money to make your trips better and not the other way round.

We have a deep-rooted culture to prioritize your well being as our customer over everything else. We take care of our customers like we would our very own children, you are dear to us and we love you. We aim to build a community around this company so that everyone whether client or staff gets a sense of belonging.
The packages we offer our clients are carefully selected and curated fully built around the customer experience to maximize satisfaction. We also let our customers custom-build their preferred packages and trips but of course under careful supervision to ensure the customer experience is not compromised one bit. And we will reiterate, that the customer is the ultimate priority.
If you are looking for the best time of your life while on safari in Africa, then look no further than Silver Spark Africa Safaris. Take that leap of faith and you will thank us later. Know Africa beyond history with Silver Spark Africa Safaris.


Our mission is to explore and promote tourism in Kenya and within East Africa. Give the world an experience of a lifetime adventure. Our major concern is to provide professional quality services, build on your budget and give you your dream safari.
Why we say we are the best tour operators

We offer the best international and local trips. Our itinerary package starts from Nairobi, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, Maasai Mara, Serengeti crossing to the amazing town called- Namanga border Town of Kenya and Tanzania, this is the best-planned trip that offers you the flexibility to decide on your safari starting and finishing location in Kenya (Nairobi).

•   All-time (24/7) hours local support network to our client – from arrival in Kenya to departure at end of successful holiday safari

•   We choose for our clients the best hotels ever, according to the itinerary and client recommendation.

•   Consistently excellent client feedback reviews on TripAdvisor and

•   Good corporate membership with a well-connected channel of communication within East Africa.

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