Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the distances and driving times on safari?

Distances and driving times in Africa vary from the European and American concepts. In Kenya, roads are narrow and may not be well maintained. The roads immediately leading to the National Parks and Game Reserves are rough.
Please note that advertised driving times on safari itineraries/programs on the website are estimated and may vary depending on road conditions and road traffic.

2. What safari vehicle types do you use on your tours?

Our standard safari travel & game viewing drive vehicle is a custom designed 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep with a pop-up top for ease of photography during game viewing drives and sightseeing. The vehicle sits a maximum of 6 persons for guaranteed window seats and access to the pop-up top.

Our 4×4 safari Jeeps are fitted with long-range radios for easy communication, cooler boxes, and first aid kits. This is on top of the other extras in Jeep

The 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep has several advantages on safari. These include a higher elevation, better navigation on rough terrain, deeper reach, more comfort, and bringing out better the African adventure experience.

3. Do you book or can you recommend a Nairobi hotel for our pre or post-safari stay?

Our listed safari tours and advertised prices do not include a Nairobi hotel stay

In case you are arriving in Nairobi earlier than your safari starting date or are intending to stay a few days more after the safari finish, you require a Nairobi hotel.

Nairobi has a wide range of hotels in the economy, comfort, and luxury categories suitable for your 1 night or extended stay.

As part of your safari tour, Natural world safari shall pick you up and drop you off at your respective Nairobi hotel or residence. This includes areas around Nairobi

We suggest that you look up and book online your favorite Nairobi hotel. In case you do require advice, suggestions or booking assistance for your Nairobi hotel, we shall be happy to assist.

4. Is there WiFi at the safari lodges & tented camps on safari?

Almost all safari lodges / tented camp accommodations during your safari do provide free Wifi. This is in the three accommodation levels of economy, comfort, and luxury

Wifi is provided in the public areas of the safari lodges / tented camps including the reception, dining areas and lounge. It is not provided in the individual rooms/ tents.

We provide free Wifi in our 4×4 Safari jeeps with connectivity being at approximately 70% due to local Kenyan network coverage

5. What is the best way to get to Africa?

You can fly from North America to Europe through London, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt. Direct flights to South Africa are also available from New York and Washington, DC. South Africa’s Johannesburg and East Africa’s Nairobi are the continent’s two primary centres. Other African cities such as Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, and Lusaka have direct flights from Europe. Your safari would begin when you travel to the nearest African city. We arrange flights to smaller airports from there.

6. Will we be able to use electricity?

The lodges’ power sources vary by location; for the most part, 12-volt battery power is provided, which is charged by generators while you are away from camp during the day. While staying in a lodge, you will be able to charge your camera batteries. On the camping and canoeing safaris, the lights are limited to hurricane lamps and flashlights; however, you can use an adaptor to plug into the car power socket to charge batteries and other items.

7. Is it possible to utilize our own itinerary?

Yes, we specialize in creating custom itineraries. We love creating unique itineraries for our clients!

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